Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tool #7

The 6th grade language arts teachers and I had discussed doing this last year by using Edmodo to create a discussion board about classroom novels we were going to read. We were going to connect them by genre, all of us were going to have the students read dystopian novels and post a thought provoking question each week to which they would have to respond. Unfortunately this did not get off the ground due to STARR concerns.

This next year I have several ideas for this tool.1st, for my newcomers, I can create a project for them where they can communicate with other newcomer classes in the district. It can begin with simple questions and then increase in rigor later in the school year when they feel more comfortable in their environment.
Objective: Given a topic or an idea, and using Edmodo, newcomer students will respond in English and or Spanish. We would probably collaborate with Sandy Z.'s newcomers at LMS.

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