Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tool #10

Internet safety and digital citizenship will be lessons I will present at the beginning of school, review before a project and re-visit after Spring Break.
Students need to be constantly reminded of internet safety and proper internet ettiquette. Too often I have found that students are very savvy on accessing websites that should be blocked. You have to set expectations right at the beginning about use of the internet. In the past, when I discover that a student is off task and is accessing bad websites, they lose their privilege of using the computer.
I will show them Brainpop video, ISafe and Digizen. I will try to find YouTube videos on internet safety and consequences that can occur if the internet is misused.
With regard to parents, I will send home a letter regarding use of internet and consequences if their student is misusing it.
I will also have students sign a contract stating that they will use the internet appropriately along with consequences of misuse.

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